Work environment

Teamwork, flexibility and dynamism. All this is reality in our company!

We are committed to attract and grow with the best people. We try to offer them an environment where they can enrich themselves professionally and build a brilliant career. The result of our efforts is a workplace in which we recognise the diversity and uniqueness of each individual, where we value the skills and and promote respect.
At the beginning of each new project, you will have the opportunity to be part of a new team. This mode of operation will allow you to quickly increase your skills: cooperation and openness always guarantee the best results. You will also have the opportunity to learn about different companies because our professionals often operate at our clients' offices. So the place of your daily work will be defined by clients and projects.
Our teams are made up of people from different cultural backgrounds, education and geographical locations. The multiplicity of points of view allows us to create excellent business solutions for us and for our clients. The different experiences of our consultants promote creativity and innovation and contribute to our success.
Attention to women makes our company stand out: we have a Maternity Policy, dedicated training courses, to name but a few. Visit the Women at Normadec section to learn more.