Profiles with experience

We are certain of one thing: your success is our success! In other words, your skills and your commitment are the key to the success of our company.
In this section you will find information about the type of work that you will perform at Normadec, the roles and responsibilities, from training to careers, that we can offer you.
Find the right application for your potential, your professional goals, your experience. Choose to put an accent on your future with Normadec.

Who we are looking for

You have reached a high level of competence in a specific industry? You are able to manage projects, processes and people? Considers the possibility of a future career at Normadec!
We are looking for professionals with a minimum of two years experience, preferably in consulting or in a multinational. The skills we are most interested in are those acquired in the analysis and definition of business processes, development and management of IT solutions.
Capacity for supervision and coordination, skills in interaction with clients and entrepreneurial spirit are essential requirements for an immediate integration in our team and a fast-growing professional climb in the managerial direction.

Professional Paths

Your professional development is closely linked to ours. We offer endless possibilities to get the best from a job and build a long-term career. In this section you can discover the roles and responsibilities you will find working within one of our four workforces: Consulting, Services, Technology Solutions, Enterprise.

Benefits for employees

The contribution of those who work with us is vital to enable us to always be the top. Thanks to you, we will pass on to our clients the knowledge, skills, methodologies and experience that make Normadec a truly unique company. Therefore, we want to reward your commitment and your contribution through one of the most competitive benefits system in the industry.
Your salary will consist of a combination of a fixed figure and variable bonuses depending on results - both corporate and individual, local and global. Your professional growth, the constant training that you will receive, and your benefits will vary depending on your classification: from a company mobile to company car, from a pension fund to a number of conventions, health and life insurance and periodic medical checks.
Since the consultant carries out his or her work at the client's offices, in addition to full reimbursement of travel and accommodation we guarantee daily subsistence allowance varying depending on the length and type of trip.
Finally, an additional benefit for employees of Normadec is the opportunity to participate in the company's plans to overhaul the internal functional processes audited. This is possible if you yourself is the promoter, sponsored by your immediate supervisor. To learn more, check the specifications for the NFR  initiative (Normadec Functional Rewew).