Internship opportunities

You have not finished your final exams yet but already want to test your skills "in the field"? An internship at Normadec will earn credits for your studies.
If, instead, you are graduating or are a recent graduate, an internship will providee an interesting learning experience and invaluable career guidance. We offer daily contact and discussion with highly experienced professionals from whom you can learn working methods and expand your academic knowledge, developing new skills.
You'll be guided by a tutor, to gain a clearer view of business processes, to learn about the most innovative technological tools and test your teamwork and problem solving skills. If you have a scientific academic background - Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Physics - a strong propensity for the Information Technology sector and want to test your knowledge in a professional context, Normadec will be the right place for your interesting internship and experience in Consulting and Outsourcing projects.
If your interests go in the direction of Finance, Administration and Control, Human Resources, and Marketing, and you are studying at a Faculty of Economics, Statistical Sciences or Humanities, we cam offer you an opportunity to work alongside experts in the management of our internal functions (Enterprise). A high percentage of internships at Normadec lead to full employment contracts! Your efforts will be rewarded. Consult the current vacancies page and participate in the selection.