Internal Functions

The Enterprise is a combination of our internal divisions (Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, Finance, Quality, Information Technology, Facilities & Services), which carry out activities in support of the contexts in which we operate and ensure a consistent standard of quality in terms of corporate culture, sharing of knowledge, methodologies and internal processes. This team plays an important role in our strategic and operational programs, represents the engine of all our development processes.
Becoming part of the Enterprise, you will join a workgroup where you will be trained, assigned a tutor to shadow and who will help you to grow and develop following the "on the run" method. This experience will help you become a fundamental piece in the complex organizational jigsaw of Normadec. In the context of the Enterprise, we have the roles of Accounts, Senior Account, NDC Manager, Senior Manager, and Branch Manager.



Normadec decided to invest in training and development. This value, combined with the belief that knowledge should be shared, will give you access to a huge amount of resources that will help you to shape your career. You will always be supported by your Tutor, as part of the "training on the run", which we consider extremely important because it allows us and yourself to try a hand in different work and interpersonal situations that sometimes might be extremely stressful, as they are modelled on certain real risks and contingencies.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet the top executive of the company, also directly involved in work activities, acquiring from them some precious know-how. You will regularly exchange information on the latest trends, attend video conferences, meetings and participate in refresher courses specific to your industry. You will be added to a workgroup that will expand and deepen your existing basic experiences.
Everyone is guaranteed access to e-learning tools which give you direct control over your own professional development. On the corporate website you will be able to access all the training materials available. In fact, each Normadec employee, at any time, anywhere, is just a simple click away from the training materials they need! The website offers insights and supplements according to the specific needs of the project in which you are involved.
Finally, as a professional with experience you will become part of a Community of Practice - a group of excellence within your industry, through which you can compare yourself with the best experts of specific issues at the corporate level.