We have developed a consulting service that allows our clients to evolve their business at all levels. We operate in all market sectors and act across all business processes. Our teams are made up of highly experienced specialists who have followed the following career paths: Analyst, Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, Senior Executive. A path that you too can follow by joining our Group. At every stage you'll have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge that constitutes the essence of the profession of consultant and pursue career development.

Organisation in Consulting

Entering the Consulting, you will have the opportunity to work for banks of expertise, workgroups, which will guide and characterise your professional growth. These are:

  • Business Consulting

    We analyse the competitive position of companies and develop appropriate business strategies and restructuring programs.

  • Business & Systems Integration

    We analyse and redefine the operation and interconnection of business processes by applying the most appropriate technological solutions.

  • Technology Consulting

    Identifies, designs and develops advanced technology solutions (architecture, infrastructure, applications, technology environments) in support of the optimal functioning of business processes.


For our clients, we are more than just consultants - we are partners who share in the business risk. We develop and manage projects for entire business units of our clientèle. Professionals working in this workforce stably work at the offices of our clients providing project management, processes and functional supervision and assistance in creating new ways of doing business. In this area you will have the opportunity to use and perfect your skills in the following activities:

  • Application Outsourcing: area in which our specialists develop and operate integrated software applications.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing:our team is concerned with the design, development and management of services and technology infrastructure "end-to-end": from application hosting to technology support, locally and remotely.
  • Business Process Outsourcing: in this area, the main activity consists in managing, on behalf of our clients and on the basis of the set performance indicators, business processes of business units such as, for example, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, etc.

Normadec Technology Solutions

This field is concerned with studying and providing to our clients - leading companies in all sectors of the market - resources and specialised services for the development and management of applications and technology platforms. Here you will be part of a stimulating working environment where you can follow your projects of competence in their entirety.
Your career in Technology Solutions will develop through the following roles:

  • Programmer: programming will be the focus of your activities. You put your skills into play to develop codes in accordance with the design specifications.
  • Senior Programmer: based on your already existing technical skills, you will begin to supervise younger programmers.
  • Analyst Programmer: experienced in activities and tests, you will support the System Analyst in the analysis of issues related to information systems.
  • System Analyst: you have the overall idea and the correct technical plan and you will supervise a team of programmers in the implementation of the specifications that you have drawn up yourself. By lending your experience, you manage change requests of the client, ensuring the quality of the result through the test phase.
  • Senior System Analyst (Team Leader): the technology and methodology leader, you will be responsible for the activities of technical design, development and testing and will need to ensure the proper application of the common standards agreed with the client. You'll also be responsible for monitoring and reporting activities to the Project Manager.
  • Manager: this is a prominent position. Sticking to the budget and schedule agreed with the client, you will have the technical responsibility for all development activities and project delivery; with the support of the Team Leader, you manage and coordinate the working groups.

We invest in your future, you transform your ambitions into reality!