Management Consultant


The wealth of expertise, knowledge and skills developed in the field of management consulting allows us to support the specific development strategies of our clients, leveraging our best experiences across different locations and sectors. In the area of management consulting, we support our partners through customer acquisition and retention methods, with an eye to increasing the value of relationships (Customer Relationship Management). Furthermore, we offer Finance & Performance Management, Human Performance (creation and implementation of strategies for human resource management and changes in corporate culture), development of approaches for the design of operational models, of supplies and purchases, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Management (production, design and distribution of the products), and Strategy services (definition of operational strategies in the short and long term).

Develop customer relationships with CRM

Customer Relationship Management by Microsoft Dynamics helps your company increase sales, customer satisfaction and service quality. It's inexpensive, easy to use, customise and integrate with other applications. It has many features fit to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Enhance IT investments

Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help extend the skills, processes and tools already available and used by the company to increase the value of existing investments. You can automate many routine tasks, limiting the need for data re-entry and focus on boosting your business. Managed the company as you want, but with concrete results and tangible improvements in terms of processes and crucial relations. CRM solutions and functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics integrate seamlessly with any other Microsoft technologies already in use in your company, achieving smooth, integrated and functional communications flow. Employees who use the CRM functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics, for example, can work in a familiar software environment and use the tools they already know. This means no time wasted on having to learn a different applicative technology!