Finance and Accounting

CFOs in all sectors share a common goal: to create an efficient and effective financial administration. For top results in a difficult global market, companies are trying to generate more in-depth analysis that can guide them to a continuous business improvement. We collaborate with our clients to deliver these results through consultancy, analysis, and innovation, in order to make a concrete contribution to achieving these objectives. In this sector, we can produce great results through our new-generation BPO services. Our global, in-depth understanding of how to leverage technology and commitment to operational excellence are the basis of an outsourcing relationship that constantly changes and grows.
Our expertise covers the entire suite of finance and accounting BPO services through the entire chain of administrative management.
Procure payment
Transaction processing of the procurement process, including payments and expense report processing.
Financial integrity, including reconciliation with the supplier's declaration, interface management, and control of appropriateness of payments.
Auto-help desk for suppliers on the basis of dedicated portals.
Cash orders
Debt collection, including managing the collection, processing, maintenance of cash accounting.
Order management and billing, including active contracts, management of sales orders, customer offers and related inquiries.
Asset and transactional processing, including fixed assets, intercompany accounting, cash management and banking.
Periodic closures and data integrity, including maintenance of basic data, account reconciliation and analysis.
Financial reporting, tax, regulatory and reclassified reporting.
New finance services include:
Financial strategies for the organisation, administrative skills and change management.