Communications & Technology

Normadec IT Technology provides the right support for a technologichal journey  without surprises. Our professionals are able to help our clients improve their business results through specific solutions that demonstrate how new technologies can be applied in new ways to enhance their performance. In particular, Normadec has launched a centre for expertise and development focused on the analysis and implementation of innovative applications that will use the new broadband technologies (fixed and mobile) and enable our partners to deliver innovative and profitable services to their customers .
IT Technology is focused on the following major market segments:


Our specialists work in collaboration with the major wireline, wireless, cable and satellite service providers.


Our experts, collaborating with companies in the supply network sector, design and implement corporate networks tailored to specific client requirements.


Normadec offers its customers services to protect your network against unauthorised access. This is done through the "IP over Everything" model that exploits the potential of broadband technologies in order to develop new services and innovative applications able to fully meet the user's needs, generate new revenues, optimise and reduce operating costs, all the while maintaining high quality standards.
Normadec IT Technology offers a set of reliable and proven solutions and experiences, put at the service of our clients to support them both in their basic choices and in the construction of innovative and complex solutions that take advantage of all the latest technologies available.