The technological revolution, linked to the use of the net, is also directly affecting the world of healthcare. The use of the internet and the convergence taking place between computer, telecommunications and media outlines new organisational models in the delivery of health services that allow citizens to receive assistance at home and in the area of residence. Various operators can take advantage of the different opportunities offered by the net for the reorganisation and delivery of services across the three levels: intranet, extranet and internet.
From this point of view, Normadec is the partner of choice to manage the changes and the technological, organisational and cultural challenges related to the use of the net. Normadec guides healthcare organisations towards e-healthcare initiatives - from conception to implementation, thanks to a range of assets, including: the strategic value that Normadec attributes to the Italian Healthcare; our deep knowledge of the sector; implementation techniques, consolidated methodologies of training and change management, and our undisputed leadership in providing solutions and specific technologies of our Group.
Each healthcare unit requires a set of innovative products. For this Normadec has developed a vertical analysis methodology and processes for the implementation of solutions identified. In parallel, we have implemented methods of performance improvement that work to identify and synthesise the necessary requirements for measuring the performance levels achieved. The result of all this is a specific and flexible ERP tool designed to improve and redesign specific processes in healthcare companies. The application of the HPI methodology (Healthcare Performance Improvement) helps analyse and re-engineer the processes. It is created based on benchmarking indicators for the individual areas of intervention. This approach allows to achieve key objectives such as reducing costs, better use of available resources, organisational reconfigurations, increasing the quality of services offered. The integration between HPI and the methodologies for management control and quality control help achieve consistency and completeness of the Normadec projects.


Medical Records Process Management

MRPM is an innovative solution to the problem of organisational document management of medical records. A vertical solution that aims to optimise the entire process with defined and fixed costs and schedules, and prompt setup and execution.
MRPM represents a breakthrough in the hospital workflow, a rational and functional reorganisation of the document management process, based on the "Pay Per Use", clearly defined costs for quality services, without any technological investment. The system is web based and therefore compatible with all computer systems. MRPM permits: retrieval and immediate consultation of medical records; the possibility of immediate folder copy on paper or on CD; web based system and the ability to view the folders via the internet; compliance with privacy laws; a significant reduction of the risk of loss or damage to the documents; management system with safe and fast data back-ups; increased efficiency and quality of the process; ease of use, intuitive graphic interface; the possibility of creating statistics and productivity control; compatibility and easy integration with any existing information system; adaptability to the real needs of the client; management of security and confidentiality features for each document; management support for process activities.

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