Corporate Section

Our proven expertise always makes a substantial contribution to specific and individual requirements of our clients in their approach to the consumer. Our multidisciplinary team can provide the latest information about the trends and issues that affect their industry and their own specific variables. This is especially important in the current business environment: the traditional ways of doing business are changing; competition comes from new directions; companies that are positioned at different points of the value chain compete for the same consumers.
Thanks to the experience acquired and developed over the years, our professionals can offer support o the actors in the consumer sector and help with implementing the most appropriate solutions that would address the present and future significant changes in the competitive landscape. Our team provides professional services of management, technological and organisational consulting, for all types of business involved in the consumer sector, always with a client-oriented customised approach. We combine different consulting expertise and offer integrated solutions, all to improve our client's ability to create value for its consumers. In a word, we provide an A o Z service, with a flourish.


Normadec caters to technology companies to guide them to better address the market changes. The technology sector is quite fragmented as is composed of several large companies, and many small and medium players. After an annual growth of 10% between 1997 to 2001, the sector has suffered a setback. In the first part of 2003, in fact, IT spending has remained virtually unchanged as a result of the general economic crisis and the reduction of investment in technology infrastructures. However, the general forecast for the coming years indicates a gradual recovery, especially in the field of internet, wireless, security, outsourcing and systems integration. Our company offers its clients to identify the most of the advantages of this expected recovery.


In terms of the manufacturing sector, Normadec has dedicated about one third of its professional resources (partners, managers and staff) to this sector. The dedicated staff is continuously trained and briefed. The goal is to offer companies a contribution of ideas and solutions to grow and compete. This area is hallmark of our organisation in Italy.
The offering mix of Normadec lets us, together with the client, face their every issue typical of the manufacturing business landscape. We work with companies of any size. Customised solutions for every topic are strongly integrated in the logic of project management, improvement of processes, and development of technology relating to control, operations, customer care, logistics, and outsourcing.
Our customers include the most prestigious companies in the manufacturing market, with whom we have established a lasting relationship of trust and collaboration. We collaborate with our clients to developing projects of strategic importance, dedicated to the continued growth of their business and their success.
This is what most matters to us most! Because we see helping our clients build and consolidate their success as the very reason for our professional existence!
The manufacturing market in Italy is composite and subject to varying economic conditions. Normadec is a leader in this market, devoting excellent resources and bringing solid experience for companies engaged in both discreet and process manufacturing.

Substitute Dematerialisation

Technological innovation is certainly one of the key drivers of the economy and often has a decisive importance for the reduction of production costs in enterprises. That's why the tax administration system has moved towards a gradual improvement of the processes it offers to the taxpayers for fulfilling obligations prescribed by current regulations. In particular, nowadays it is possible to have computerised storage and preservation of documents and to issue actual electronic documents.

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