Historical Background

Historical background of Normadec

Normadec SRL was established on 27 February 1973 in Milan. Its capital is held by two shareholders: Dr. Angelo Gini and Mrs. Luisa Meroni.
Initially, the company establishes its registered and operative office in 7, via Andrea Doria, back then considered a strategic location because of its proximity to Milan's central station and well served by public transport.
On 18 May 1978, the company Normadec becomes equally owned by the companies Kartro Italiana SAS of Hanns Victor Trostli & Co., Asite SAS of Carlos Fantinato & Co., and Armaco SAS of Tom Jorge Erdos & Co. These three companies are Italian commercial agencies of a large multinational group with numerous locations around the world, whose major shareholder is a Brazilian of Austrian origin, Hanns Victor Trostli.
In fact, from the very onset Normadec is controlled by the three. It is due to these companies' organisational and management needs that Normadec has come about, as a dedicated entity that, using computer science and technology, will be able to provide solutions to the countless administrative needs of the three sister-companies. On the same principle, the three companies set up local alter-egos of Normadec in every country of their business presence, with the European headquarters established in Paris.
After a few years, given the prohibitively high costs of managing the Normadec structure, the business is sold to Valter Passarella, General Manager of Normadec since its founding. The company begins to open up to the market, offering its services to other potential clients. This is an extremely delicate moment as the corporate structure is not commercially ready to tackle such change. For this purpose, Normadec begins to receive support and guidance from the company Passarella E.D.P., a player with several years of experience in the same sector, whose largest shareholder is Mrs. Nella Sala, wife of the President of Normadec. The two companies work side by side for a few years until Passarella E.D.P. is purchased by Normadec, combining the resources of the two companies.
Over the years, the company setting sees some radical changes, transforming from a services company into a real software house. The last stage in the launch of the updated range of services coincides with a consistent three-year investment started in 1991, aimed at pitching the company as a provider of intelligent management of paper files, with the ultimate objective of proposing Multimedia Office Automation solutions. In 1999, Normadec takes another step in its evolution by establishing Normadec Consulting, born as a spin-off of Gesam (Arthur Andersen Group).
This step manifests a clean divide between the functions of the two structures: Normadec Consulting will focus specifically on business consultancy and implementation of application solutions to be commercialised on the market; whereas Normadec will target the services sector, by applying at large companies the highly vertical management models created by the Group.
The Group also comprises Normadec Real Estate, a real estate company which owns the assets, and acts in deposits of documentary material that can not be dematerialised. Since 2016 the property of the group is owned by Normadec Global Hodings, an English company based in London.