About Us

A Guide to the Future

Normadec works with the full spectrum of Information and Communication Technology. We propose outsourcing solutions for entire business segments of the client's business, offer business consulting services, and generally work to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and professionalism in each project. Our success is founded on our long history and a wealth of experience.

Our Group was born on 27 February 1973, in Milan, as a company that provides services for the administrative management of companies using mechanised processing systems. Over the years, following the rapid technological developments of the recent decades, the company and its structure have undergone substantial transformation, increasingly focusing on the management of information services.
In the 80s, Normadec develops administrative services for outsourcing and proposes systemic management of entire technology platforms; offers its client time-share-based remote use of Normadec's own application solutions; provides systems consulting and organisational consulting; constructs specific customised applications and distributes its own application solutions on the market. Subsequently, Normadec creates its first solutions for companies seeking applications for the digitised documents management.
In the 90s, Normadec offers its customers multimedia office automation on the basis of company's own complete application solutions (integrating data, images, texts and sounds).
Despite the deep technological evolution over the years, our corporate mission has remained the same: we guide our clients, offering global solutions based on high standards of competence and efficiency, each project developed on the basis of specific bespoke technologies.

The Group

The areas of Normadec Group's competence are extremely varied, because we work to address the entire spectrum of needs of production and commercial enterprises  and, in particular, those of complex organizations. For this reason, the Group has created a network of specialized in-house departments (Enterprise, Education, Real Estate) in order to design, build and implement specific solutions in each sector of assistance. It is the established rule of Normadec to work every case using an integrated and comprehensive approach, in order to offer our clients truly comprehensive solutions. This is the philosophy underlying Normadec's own development, assuring the company and its customers a constant balance between expansion of business volume and the quality of service.

Trust and tradition for development

Trust and tradition are the source of Normadec's substantial growth. In our Group we believe trust to be inherent to the delicacy of the project areas we address and a necessary feature of collaborative relationships we form with our clients. Trust also means discretion - that is, Normadec's reliable and reserved attitude towards its business partners and their sensitive information. Whereas "tradition" refers to continuity, without which it would be difficult to understand Normadec's innovative achievements in offering a comprehensive range of advanced and heterogeneous services.