Storage & Data Services

We simplify data management and storage to enable innovation and business growth. Proactive partners with a structured approach, we can maximise the benefits of efficient storage infrastructure. We provide business users with access to the required data, as well as provide decision-makers the information they need to innovate and grow the company. This way Normadec reduces client costs and improves storage performance, responding to the current and future internal and external needs. Another advantage that we present is the possibility of improving the management of business risks, respecting the rules of conformity.

Normadec redesigns the role of storage and data within your company

Normadec launches the processes of simplification, cost reduction and resilience in data management and storage. An infrastructure without these characteristics can adversely affect a company's ability to make correct decisions, to provide timely assistance to customers, to support staff productivity, to comply with regulations and to use new business applications.

A comprehensive approach to storage and data

Normadec Communication & Technology offers services that help our clients to meet the needs in all project phases relating to storage and data, such as consulting, planning, design, implementation, and management. The services comprise:

  • Normadec Storage Optimisation and Integration Services
We reduce complexity, optimise performance and manage your company's expansion, creating an economic, scalable, and resilient storage infrastructure.

  • Normadec Information Lifecycle Management Services
We improve decision-making, developing and managing information, from creation to deletion, in an efficient IT infrastructure.

  • Normadec Data Management Services
We protect customer data, optimising the access, availability and reuse to support the growing needs of applications that support business processes.

  • Normadec Storage and Data Product Services
We reduce the risks related to projects and increase the value of the products, providing assistance to plan and implement data & storage hardware and software or to migrate data to new environments.

  • Normadec Storage and Data Managed Services
We manage your storage environment with experience and skill, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


Thanks to the expertise, proven storage methodologies and powerful tools our Group can meet all your storage and data requirements of today and tomorrow. These include: improving decision-making and access to information; simplified management of the storage and data environment; security and compliance; effective management of increases in storage capacity, without compromising the budget.